Welcome to the Clark Atlanta University Art Museum!

Dear Friends of Clark Atlanta University,

I hope this message finds you well. I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Clark Atlanta University Art Museum (CAUAM).

I am Dr. Danille K. Taylor, the Director of CAUAM and a Professor in African American Studies here at Clark Atlanta University. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to our museum and the incredible cultural journey that awaits you.

At CAUAM, we believe that art is a powerful medium for storytelling and preserving history. Our mission is to collect, preserve, research, and exhibit fine artworks that document the profound and enduring role of African Americans in American history and culture. Our primary goal is to curate and maintain a diverse and representative collection of American and African Diaspora art. We are dedicated to fostering scholarly research that delves into the development of African American artists within the broader context of American art and transnational art historical movements.

The Clark Atlanta University Art Museum is more than just an institution; it is a hub of culture, knowledge, and artistic expression. We are committed to ensuring that our doors are open to all, free of charge. Admission is free, and our museum is open to the public, making it accessible to everyone who wishes to explore the rich tapestry of African American art and heritage.

In addition, I am proud to announce that CAUAM is a part of the HBCU History and Culture Access Consortium (HCAC) initiative. The HCAC initiative is a testament to our commitment to sustainable HBCU cultural institutions. It signifies our dedication to preserving and interpreting African American art, history, culture, and memory in these transformative times. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our fellow HBCUs in our collective efforts to ensure that the legacy of African American heritage endures for generations to come.

As we move forward, CAUAM is focused on increased accessibility. We aim to serve the interests and goals of both the Clark Atlanta University community and the wider public. Through our exhibitions and related programs, we strive to provide a diverse range of aesthetic and educational experiences. These experiences are designed to enrich the cultural and intellectual development of our communities. We believe in the power of art to inspire, educate, and provoke thought, and we are dedicated to fulfilling this mission.

Our commitment extends beyond our physical space. We aim to disseminate knowledge about our permanent collection through special programs, information services, publications, and collaboration with other museums and cultural/educational institutions. Together, we can foster a greater understanding and appreciation of African American art and history.

I invite you to visit the Clark Atlanta University Art Museum and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of African American art and culture. Whether you are a student, a scholar, an art enthusiast, or simply someone curious about our heritage, you are welcome here.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to welcoming you to CAUAM.

Warm regards,

Dr. Danille K. Taylor, Ph.D. (SHe/Her)
Director, Clark Atlanta University Art Museum
Professor, African American Studies

Clark Atlanta University Art Museum

Phone: 404-880-6102
223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W. Atlanta, GA 30314

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