Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development

The CAU Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development was established to develop a campus-wide entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

The center provides students, faculty, staff, and alumni with opportunities to build their innovation and entrepreneurial skills through opportunities such as business and idea consulting, workshops, mentoring, and business modeling.

We also offer several modern activities for students to be prepared for the real world such as 3D printing and prototyping, drone flight training, gaming/e-sports, and fashion entrepreneurship to name a few.


CAU Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development

The inception of the CAU Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development marked the creation of a thriving campus-wide ecosystem dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. Our mission is to provide a supportive and dynamic environment that empowers students, faculty, and the broader community to explore, create, and bring their innovative ideas to life. Together, we forge a path of creativity and transformative change, shaping the future of entrepreneurship at Clark Atlanta University and beyond.

The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development (CIED) is committed to fostering the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit across the CAU campus.  By strengthening our I&E ecosystem, we ensure that students gain the skills to secure their future regardless of the path they choose. The center is open to students and alumni of all disciplines. 

What We Offer to CAU Students:

  • Startup Workshops
  • Mentoring for Startup ideas
  • 3D Printing & Prototyping
  • Hackathons
  • Drone Flight Training
  • Options, Stocks, Crypto Trading
  • Pitch Competitions/Win cash prizes
  • Student Incubator
  • Fellowships with Stipends
  • Gaming & E-sports and more
CIED Program
Innovation Fellowship

CIED Fellows Program

Each academic year Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development brings on eligible enrolled CAU students to serve as CIED Innovations Fellows. Selected Fellows will receive a $2,000 Stipend per semester. However, to be eligible for the stipend, fellow must be able to work a total of 10 hours per week each semester. Fellows must also be available for all CIED events. In this role, CIED Innovation Fellows will:

  • Engage with students to discuss CIED resources, activities, events, and address questions.
  • Strengthen and market CIED presence on campus using various social media platforms.
  • Conduct scheduled CIED in-class presentations.
  • Represent CIED at student organization events.
  • Assist CIED Staff with the planning, coordination, and logistics of all CIED events (seminars, workshops, competitions, Hackathons, etc.) and be present at these events.
  • Introduce students to StartupTree Platform encouraging engagement between CAU and other students. • Provide general assistance as needed at CIED
  • Travel to Blackstone, UIF, VentureWell, and other conferences and events.

To submit an application for consideration, interested students must meet the minimum requirements: • Enrolled for at least 12 credit hours during the academic year

  • Able to commit to 10 hours each week and attend all CIED events
  • Willingness to assist with late evening and occasional Saturday events.
  • Minimum Overall GPA: 3.2
  • Classification: Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors graduating in the Spring semester, graduate students 



The CIED Innovation Lab is the first of its kind on CAU’s campus. With a colorful spacious feel, students have the opportunity to congregate, receive consulting and attend workshops hosted in the innovation lab. On select days throughout the academic year, the lab will be available 24 hours a day for CIED members. To become a member, send an email to


Currently hosted in the Innovation Lab, the makerspace is available for students, faculty and staff to do 3D Printing. If you want to get something printed at the Inno Lab Makerspace, there is an easy 4 step process to create your parts!

Usage of our printers, including the filament, is 100% free like the rest of the Inno Lab Makerspace, for personal, class, or research projects.

Along the way while creating your first part, you will naturally learn the fundamentals of 3D printing as a Prototyping Instructor guides you through generating your STL, slicing your part, sending your G-Code to the printer, and picking up your part.

Interested in using our 3D printers? Shoot us an email at

Innovation Fellowship

Fellows work with peers, faculty and administrators to create new learning opportunities for students at their schools to engage with innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking and creativity.

Below are just a few of the activities that Fellows have worked on in the last few years.

  • Workshops & Challenges
  • Campus Engagement
  • Spaces
  • Student Organizations & Communities
  • Community Engagement
  • Hackathons & Makeathons
  • Campus Resources
  • First-Year EngagementClasses
  • Talks & Speaker Series
  • Global Leadership Opportunities


Clark Atlanta University serves as a modern-day case study for what happens when underserved students are given the opportunity to thrive in an academic setting. Helping students reach their extraordinary potential is what we do best. Whether mass media arts or social work, the sciences, business administration, criminal justice, or psychology, CAU students are challenged with a rigorous curriculum and exceptional learning, culminating in a capstone project that brings together hands-on research, the use of technology, and presentation skills.

The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Developments strives to help students secure their future by gaining the entrepreneurial and innovation skills needed to further their careers regardless of their chosen path.

Your support no matter how big or small helps strengthen the center and students we serve.

Clark Atlanta University is a 501(c)(3) institution and all donations are tax deductible. We thank you for your contribution in advance!

To make a contribution, please email Dr. Ronald Cetoute at


At the heart of Clark Atlanta University’s commitment to fostering creativity and transformative thinking lies our dynamic Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development (CIED). Our center serves as a hub for students, faculty, and the wider community, igniting a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Join us at the CAU Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development, and unleash your potential to make a difference. Whether you dream of starting your own venture or seeking to embrace innovation in your chosen field, our center provides the platform to turn ideas into reality. Empower yourself to become a visionary entrepreneur and contribute to positive change in the world.

Come and be a part of our dynamic ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. Together, we will shape a brighter future and leave a lasting legacy of innovation at Clark Atlanta University.