Student Affairs

Division of Student Affairs

Involvement in the lives of all CAU students is at the heart of the Division of Student Affairs. The department lends a supportive hand and a soft shoulder for support.  

How will you shape your CAU experience?

Create significant connections with your peers, faculty, and staff during your years at Clark Atlanta University, building on a legacy of 150 years of tradition, determination, and a culture for service.  Develop your talents, passions and leadership potential with one of the 65 student organizations on campus—or chart your own course studying abroad.

Division of Student Affairs

Phone: 404-880-8000
250 Student Center
Clark Atlanta University 223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W. Atlanta, GA 30314

New Student Orientation

Welcome Fall 2023 First-Year Students, Transfer Students, and Families!

The Clark Atlanta University Summer 2023 New Student and Parent Orientation Sessions will be hosted for incoming freshmen, transfer students and families on the campus of Clark Atlanta University.

We have a great orientation program that will help prepare you for a successful first year at Clark Atlanta University.  As you engage with us during this experience, please take some time to learn about the University by: completing the Orientation modules, connecting with University officials in person, or via our virtual Live Q&A sessions, and getting to know our CAU Orientation Guides (OGs), and other Student Leaders.  All of this will assist with your transition to Clark Atlanta University!

We are looking forward to connecting with you this summer during New Student Orientation (NSO) experience!

Welcome to Panther Nation!       

Rae M. Warner, M.A.
Associate Director for Student Leadership and Engagement

CAU ’98, ‘16

New Student Orientation

Follow CAU Orientation on Social Media
IG and Twitter:  @cau_orientation


Step 1 – Pre-Register for the Orientation Experience

Confirmed students will receive an email to both your CAU and personal email accounts with instructions on how to pre-register for the NSO Experience. Important information will be provided to you, so please be sure to check your inbox regularly.

Step 2 – Select/Confirm your NSO date

48 hours after pre-registration – confirmed & pre-registered students will receive instructions on how to register to select and confirm your NSO date. Spaces for each NSO session will be limited, so make sure to check your email to register in a timely fashion. 

Step 3 –Attend the NSO Experience at Clark Atlanta university

As part of the new student experience, we will be hosting an in-person NSO event to help you complete your enrollment process, learn about student resources, campus involvement opportunities and other experiences at CAU.


(Day 1 – 11am – 10pm; Day 2 – 9am – 5pm)                                                             

June 15-16, 2023

June 22-23, 2023

June 26-27, 2023

July 6-7, 2023

July 10-11, 2023

July 13-14, 2023                                               

**Virtual NSO Dates: Available after July 1st**

(For those families that are not able to attend in person, we will conduct NSO via Zoom)

New Student Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

The New Student Orientation (NSO) Office is located in the Henderson Student Center, and that office will provide the primary information regarding New Student Orientation to students who have confirmed their attendance to Clark Atlanta University. The NSO office may be reached at 404-880-8428 or

SO is a tradition at CAU. It is designed to provide important information related to academic expectations and campus resources (e.g., financial aid, student accounts, on-campus living, student health, and other related information.) The major outcome of orientation is for all students to finalize steps to become financially enrolled by completing the enrollment process, which is inclusive of creating a fall schedule, financial aid packaging, and payment arrangements.

Once the confirmation fee is paid, new students will receive an email detailing the dates and times of the NSO sessions, as well, will provide links for students to sign up via the Eventbrite registration site. The CAU website, under the Student Affairs tab, will also provide orientation information and important forms.

Maintaining a safe campus environment is an important value and practice of CAU. One manner of safety is the security of a student’s social security number. Each student is given a “900” number as a personal identifier in lieu of using the social security number.

The non-refundable confirmation fee of $475 is made payable to Clark Atlanta University and must be mailed to the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions, 223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30314. A cashier’s check or money order is the only form of payment via mail; however, a credit or debit card payment is arranged through the Office of Student Accounts, 404.880.8033, or can be paid online via the student’s BANNERWEB account.

NSO sessions are covered with the payment of your non-refundable confirmation fee of $475.

Although New Student Orientation is highly recommended, it is not mandatory. However, we ask that you complete all of your financial requirements, and become financially enrolled before the official move-in date.

Contact the Orientation Office at 404.880.8428 or You can also change your date on the Eventbrite website.

While family members are welcome to visit the campus during orientation, most activities are centered on students. Parent/guardians are welcome to participate and would likely be pivotal during the financial aid process and billing.

The CAU Experience is 5 days of exciting activities and workshops designed to welcome students to their new home away from home, and will offer students a historical perspective of Clark Atlanta University. New students will also participate in a formal induction ceremony, which is a rite of passage to becoming an official Clark Atlanta University student.

CAU Experience starts after the official move-in date, and lasts until the day prior to the first day of school.

There are a few sessions available for parents at the beginning of CAU Experience, and that information will be communicated to the students and parents prior to move-in day.

As with the New Student Orientation sessions, parents are welcome to stay, but most activities are centered on students.

Student Health Services

Introducing the services of the AUCC Student Health and Wellness Center (AUCC SHWC) to all scholars of Clark Atlanta University; where you will receive quality state-of-the-art comprehensive health care.

AUCC Student Health and Wellness Center

Please visit  for the full Student Health Website. Below is limited information including our mission statement, hours and location only.  

Mission Statement

The Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) provides quality health care services to students of the Atlanta University Consortium Center. We are privileged to provide a variety of health and wellness-related services for our students, emphasizing a holistic approach to encourage growth physically, mentally, emotionally, academically, and socially. SHWC’s goal is to inspire students to empower themselves by being proactive in their health and wellbeing, to encourage students to believe in their capabilities academically and personally and to support them as they become all that they desire to be.

If you are sick or would like to schedule an appointment, this is the place where you should go for your healthcare needs!

For further instructions on how to activate the Point and Click Patient Portal visit us at the MSM Patient Portal.

For more information about required vaccines and other test for incoming student visit:

The AUCC Student Health and Wellness Center

There are two ways to schedule an appointment at our clinic:

  1. Book online click on the Point and Click Patient Portal
  2. Call our office at (404) 756-1241
AUCC Student Health and Wellness Center
455 Lee Street SW
Third Floor, Ste. 300A Atlanta, GA 30310
Tel: (404) 756-1241
Fax: (404) 756-1237
Mon: 8am-8pm
Tues: 8am-5pm
Wed: 8am-8pm
Thurs: 8am-5pm
Fri: 8am-5pm
Sat: 10am-1pm (2nd floor)

Sun: closed

After-Hours and Weekends

When our clinic is closed there is always an on-call physician or nurse practitioner available for urgent medical needs. To reach the on-call provider call our main clinic number: (404) 756-1241.
If you call for a non-urgent matter, your message will be relayed to the clinic on the next business day.

Student Insurance

Insurance Information

Clark Atlanta University’s health insurance is administered through United Healthcare. Students can access more information about their policy, print their ID cards, view current and past claims and manage their account through the United Healthcare-

Students are encouraged to update their contact information as things change, to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available.

For questions, students may contact United Healthcare directly or may contact the CAUSHS office at 404-880-8322.

Students may apply to waive the university’s student health insurance plan before August 31.

Online magazine that addresses issues that affect the college-aged population.

MyPlate illustrates the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet using a familiar image – a place setting for a meal. Before you eat, think about what goes on your plate, in your cup, or in your bowl.

University Health Insurance

Important Deadlines: All Insurance waivers must be completed by August 31 for the Fall semester and January 31 for the Spring semester.

Clark Atlanta University has worked with United HealthCare Student Resources, to offer a comprehensive accident and health insurance program which covers many medical expenses incurred a result of injury and sickness.

The basic coverage is mandatory for all full-time undergraduate, all residential, and international students; it is available and recommended to all students.

At the beginning of each semester, Graduate students living off campus who wish to purchase the insurance on a voluntary basis, and all students who wish to take advantage of the supplemental option, must log on to My Panther Health Portal and complete the Graduate Insurance Request Form to have the charge for insurance added to their account then advise Student Accounts and pay premiums at the time of registration.

Students may apply to waive the insurance coverage at Once a waiver is processed in the fall semester, it is effective for the spring semester. Students who do not apply to waive the insurance in the fall may apply in the spring if they are opting out for the spring semester. Student athletes are not eligible to waive the University’s insurance coverage.


Students can access more information about their policy, print their ID cards, view current and past claims, and manage their accounts through the United Healthcare website

Students are encouraged to update their contact information as things change, to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available.

For questions, students may contact United Healthcare directly or may contact the CAUHS office at 404-880-8322

Health Immunization Information

Important Deadline: All immunization forms must be submitted by July 1 for Fall Semester.

In order to maintain a healthy and safe campus community, all CAU students are required to submit proof of current immunizations completed by a health care professional. Only students who are compliant with the university immunization policy will have access to course registration and residence hall room assignments.

  1. Tetanus Diphtheria booster within last ten (10) years. Must remain current throughout matriculation.
  2. MMR- two doses or one MMR and one separate Rubella or report of positive immune titer. Vaccines must have been administered after first birthday. Students born before 1957 are considered immune and are not required to receive vaccination against Measles, Mumps and Rubella.
  3. Meningococcal vaccine two doses; 2nddose must be given after age 16
  4. Hepatitis B- three doses or positive immune titer
  5. Varicella Vaccine- 2 doses; 1st dose given at age 12 months or later or positive titer (Historical report not acceptable without titer)
  6. COVID-19 Bivalent Vaccine– In compliance with the recent CDC updates as of April 19, 2023 all students are compliant if they have received 1 bivalent COVID-19 (The documentation you submit must demonstrate that you have received either the Pfizer or Moderna bivalent (unless you have an approved religious or medical exemption from the COVID vaccine)
  7. Tuberculosis Testing

            PPD (Mantoux) within one (1) year of matriculation. Documentation of results is required as follows:

  1. Date of placement
  2. Site of placement
  3. Result documented in mm induration
  4. Provider reading results
  5. Date of reading completed on form
  • A chest x-ray is required for a previous positive PPD or new PPD with an induration 10mm or greater (horizontal diameter). Result documentation must be provided
  • A chest x-ray is required for students who previously received BCG
  • Students must provide documentation for INH or other TB treatment. A chest x-ray required within six (6) months

Exemptions from Immunizations:

A medical exemption shall be granted upon receipt of a written statement from a healthcare provider indicating the nature and duration of the medical condition which contraindicates the immunization, along with the specific vaccine identified as detrimental to the student’s health. Medical exemptions expire when the medical condition(s) contraindicating immunization change in a manner which permits immunization or they may be permanent:

  1. Exemptions granted on the grounds of pregnancy, an estimated time of delivery must be provided. Submission of immunization(s) is required once pregnancy ends.
  2. Religious exemptions are permitted when immunizations contradict the student’s religious belief.  However, a TB skin test is required, unless medically contraindicated.  Religious exemptions require notary signature.

In the event of an outbreak of any of the vaccine preventable diseases required by Clark Atlanta University, students with exemptions will be required to leave campus immediately for their protection, until the outbreak has ended


COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption:

If you are requesting a religious/medical exemption for the COVID-19 vaccines, you must complete the medical or religious exemption form linked below.

COVID-19 Medical Exemption Form

COVID-19 Religious Exemption Form

Please fill out the Form listed below:

Forms must be scanned to Point and Click. If you are having issues scanning your documents, please call (404) 880-8322.

Student Leadership

At Clark Atlanta University we believe that in order for our students to be successful post-graduation, we must help build the “Whole Student”. We accomplish this by providing students with an educational experience beyond the classroom.

Through a host of clubs, organizations and activities that foster cultural awareness, social responsibility and leadership discovery; we believe that the “whole student” is created.

Furthermore, these involvements help students build life-long relationships with peers outside of their classroom. At Clark Atlanta University, we have an activity for all our students! 

Student Involvement And Leadership

At Clark Atlanta University, we have an activity for all our students!  Students may reserve space on campus for various school-related activities by completing one of these forms.

All requests must be submitted to Ms. Danette Adams or Mrs. Tracey Paggett in the Bishop L. Henderson Student Center at least 4 weeks before the event.

Get Involved

The legislative branch of the Clark Atlanta University Student Government Association.

Nine (9) International Greek Letter Sororities and Fraternities: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., and Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc

Elected student leaders who are the liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff and administration by actively listening and advocating for all students at Clark Atlanta University.

Campus Chartered Organizations


Student organizations exist to provide an outlet for students to pursue their personal, professional, and academic passions and interests, outside of the classroom.
General Membership & Leadership Eligibility:
Only enrolled students of Clark Atlanta University (CAU) are eligible for membership and leadership within a student organization during that respective academic year. Student organization bylaws may require students to be an enrolled student at CAU throughout an entire academic year or stated term of office.
Student organizations may not unlawfully discriminate with respect to membership, leadership or other organizational opportunities
Types of Campus Chartered Organizations (CCOs)
For current and prospective students, all CCOs are organized into one of the categories below:
Academic & Professional Development:
These organizations enhance and support students’ academic/ professional development in specialized studies and disciplines at the University, including academic honorary societies and National Student Organizations such as Toastmasters, National Association of Black in Criminal Justice, Golden Key, etc.
Cultural, Political, & Faith-Based/Spiritual:
Organizations whose mission is to study or promote the culture of other nations and/ or ethnic groups, the interest of a particular church, faith, spiritual belief, or denomination, or to address political and governmental concerns. These organizations provide cultural, educational, social and service oriented events and programs which celebrate various traditions, thoughts and beliefs.
Arts & Media:
Organizations with a purpose to expand student experiences in the areas of arts and communications. These organizations focus on visual arts, drama, dance, vocal and instrumental mastery, journalism and mass media.
Social & Special Interest Groups:
Organizations, which are primarily advised by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, whose purpose is to encourage students to develop hobbies and social interests within the CAU and surrounding community.  Social and special interest groups coordinate various trips and/or campus events to provide networking opportunities and enjoyment for CAU students.
Community Service:
Organizations whose mission is to provide resources and/or services to the campus or surrounding community. 
Starting a Student Organization
Starting a campus chartered organization (CCO) can be personally rewarding, and positively contribute to the student experience at CAU. Students who decide to start a CCO, please note that it may require a great deal of time and energy to garner necessary student interest and prepare all pertinent information for the review committee specific to the purpose and needs of the organization.
The university reserves the right to deny recognition to any student organization if its stated purpose and/or objectives do not align with the educational mission and values of Clark Atlanta University.
CCOs must abide by all university policies and guidelines pertaining to student organizations. By accepting membership or leadership office within CAU student organizations, students agree to comply with all academic policies of the university and recognize that a violation of university policy and/or interference with university functions is grounds for disciplinary action against the organization and/or its members.

  • A minimum of six (6) full-time students with interest in starting a new student organization is required.
  • Need two (2) full-time Faculty/Staff Advisors to serve as Primary and Secondary Advisors.

Listing of 2022-2023 Campus Chartered Organizations (CCOs):
AUC Michigan Club
Breaking the Cycle
CAU Caribbean Student Association
CAU Florida Club
CAU Noble (Collegiate Chapter of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives)
CAU Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity
CAU Texas Club
Clark Atlanta University Young Democrats
Delta Sigma Pi
Environmental Leadership Initiatives and Energy Club
Georgia Association of Aspiring Educators, Clark Atlanta University Chapter
Girls Around the World
Graduate Student Union
House Arrest 2 Championship Dance Team Incorporated; The HypnotiQ Chapter
Imani Foundation
Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia (LPCA-GA SAO)
Minority Association of Pre-Health/Medical Students
National Society Of Black Women In Medicine
NCNW – National Council of Negro Women
Nothing But the Arts
Onyx Elite Dance Team
Organization for Social Change
P^2 (Pipeline to Perseverance)
Panthers At Work
Phi Alpha Honor Society – Zeta Kappa Chapter
Political Science Association
Pre-Alumni Council
Pre-Law Society Department of Political Science
Pretty Individuals who Nurture & Impact Knowledge (P.I.N.K.)
Professional Doctoral Network (PDN)
Revolt, Incorporated
Social Work in Good Trouble
Supply Chain Management Club
Transfer Student Association
Tri-State Club
Ujamaa Society
Undergraduate Psychology Association
Visions to Actions (VTA)
For more information on the CAU Campus Chartered Organizations (CCOs), please click here, or contact Mrs. Rae M. Warner, CCO Advisor, at

PantherFIT Center






MONDAY:6:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
TUESDAY:   6:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
WEDNESDAY:6:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
THURSDAY:6:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
FRIDAY: 6:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
SATURDAY: 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.









  • BARBELL: TEN (10) SETS | 20 LBS – 100 LBS
  • DUMBBELL: TEN (10) SETS | 5 LBS – 50 LBS
  • GRIPR: FIVE (5) SETS | 8 LBS – 46 LBS
  • TYRE: TWO (2) | 175 LBS







Student Volunteers

At Clark Atlanta University, “Culture for Service” is more than a mantra; it’s a lifestyle. Serving others is essential to cultivating lifted lives of purpose. Whether you are interested in political advocacy, social justice initiatives, community impact projects or extracurricular outreach, you will discover many opportunities to serve at CAU.

Spiritual Life & Engagement

Clark Atlanta University has a rich heritage of promoting spirituality and instilling in its students ethical integrity. As an institution of higher learning related to the United Methodist Church, we value religion and spirituality.

The Office of Religious Life is charged with overseeing the university’s efforts to promote spiritual awareness. Its mission includes not only the student body, but also the faculty, staff and the entire university community for the enrichment of the whole person.

Career and Professional Development

Career and Professional Development Mission
To provide the professional training, career oriented programming and industry exposure that guides Clark Atlanta University students toward aspiring career and graduate opportunities
Career and Professional Development Vision
To advance the careers and post-secondary education of Clark Atlanta University students in an effort to develop them as the next future leaders in a diverse and competitive global economy.
Career and Professional Development Motto
People. Passion. Profession. Pride

The Clark Atlanta University Career and Professional Development Office is committed to guiding all students throughout the different phases of the career development process. We work to help students identify and develop resources to realize their career goals through an array of services including the following:

  • Individualized and Group Counseling sessions
  • Rèsumè and cover letter assistance
  • Workshops on interviewing, job-search strategies, networking, and more
  • Internship, Cooperative Education, Summer employment and Part-time Employment
  • Opportunities to meet prospective employers and compete for positions with regional and national companies and organizations
Tiara Arnold


Chanithia Holt
Assistant Director


Aubri’an Body
Career Planning and Development Specialist


Employers can send emails to:

Students can send emails to:

Follow us on social media:
IG: @ Hire_A_Panther
Career and Professional Development Resources

We are excited to introduce Clark Atlanta University’s new virtual Career Center, for current students to explore career opportunities, connect with employers, and engage with career resources

Through the career center, you will be able to:

We strongly recommend that you take 2 minutes to customize your email alerts to ensure you receive automated, customized notifications for the new jobs, resources, and events that are important to you. If you have any questions, please contact for help.

The Clark Atlanta University Career and Professional Development Office is committed to guiding all students throughout the different phases of the career development process. We are here to help you identify and develop resources to realize your career goals through an array of services including the following:

  • Individualized and Group Counseling sessions
  • Rèsumè and cover letter assistance
  • Workshops on interviewing, job-search strategies, networking, and more
  • Internship, Cooperative Education, Summer employment and Part-time Employment
  • Opportunities to meet prospective employers and compete for positions with regional and national companies and organizations


Students should log into their CAU CareerLink to view job/internship/co-op opportunities. Students can click HERE to sign in using their regular CAU computer login.

Seeking a job/internship opportunity?

All registered students currently have access to our career portal called Handshake. All you need is your CAU email and password and you are ready to go!

In this portal you can:

  • Establish a customized profile that allows you to specifically identify opportunities that fit your aspirations
  • A robust search engine that allows you to view and easily apply for internships/jobs across the country based on interest
  • Receive direct emails from employers that have identified you as a potential candidate
  • Allow companies to set up interviews and time slots that can be scheduled at your convenience
  • Connect you to companies interested in your skills and background
  • View company-sponsored networking and info session events from employers and CPD

Visit: to log in! 

To have your resume reviewed, ask a question or set up an appointment email (Walk-ins welcome)


We are excited that you have chosen to recruited students from Clark Atlanta University. Hire a Panther CareerLink helps students find careers and internships in their degree field. By joining our FREE system, you will be able to post job/internship/co-op opportunities for our qualified students as well as schedule events and interviews on our campus.

How to sign up:

1a. If your company DOESN’T have a Handshake account click here;


1b. if your company DOES have a Handshake account click here.

2. Follow the easy to use prompts.

3. Click HERE for Handshake resources and information.

Rules of Engagement

REGISTER WITH Career and Professional Development via HANDSHAKE
Log on to:
Follow the screen prompt to establish an “Employer” account

Handshake offers your team many great new features including:

  • Easy multi-school management
  • Powerful applicant filtering
  • On campus recruiting schedules
  • Career fair management
  • Optimized mobile experience

Career and Professional Development is excited to partner with recruiters / talent acquisition representatives from all industries. Please see the “Rules of Engagement” document to help guide you on next steps as well as best practices. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

For questions regarding our Corporate Partners Program, please send an email to with the Subject line “XYZ Company + CPD Corporate Partners Program”.

An internship is an extension of your college learning experience. It occurs in the actual workplace where you are provided a “hands on” learning opportunity as your employer trains you in a real work atmosphere. Even though many internships do not offer salaries, the benefits of such participation are incalculable and will last you a lifetime. This type of experience is an excellent way to begin your chosen career path and to explore employment tracks that you may be considering. It also provides opportunities to put to practical use what you are learning in the classroom. Internships are unique opportunities to “test the waters.” Students may receive academic credit pending approval from their academic major department.

Handshake also serves as a database that allows employers to post job and internship listings directly to our site. All students must register in order to gain access to this database as well as to the services available through the Center. Further assistance with job search strategies and resources should be discussed with your respective career counselor or by enrolling in our workshop on Job Search Strategies. More assistance with internships may be provided by our in-house Internship Coordinator.

The benefits of an internship include, but are not limited to the following:                                                                                                                     

  • gaining experience relevant to your career goals
  • helping you decide on a particular career path
  • providing employment experience that can be put on your resume and cover letters
  • affording you a competitive edge
  • exploring opportunities and expanding potential career choices
  • earning academic credit
  • networking with professionals
  • developing contacts for future job offers

Counseling and Disability Services

Welcome to Clark Atlanta University. The Office of Counseling and Disability Services Center is pleased you are interested in pursuing your educational aspirations at CAU. The CADS is dedicated to providing confidential services to all Clark Atlanta University (CAU) students who are seeking to enhance their personal growth and psychological well-being on their journey to leading more effective and rewarding lives. All counseling and disability services are free for CAU students. The disabilities section facilitates accessibility services to students who meet the criteria for a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Center strives to provide the best quality of care in a confidential, safe, and supportive environment.

Counseling Services


Office Hours


9:00am -5:00pm


After hours please call

Public Safety- 404-880-8911


Counseling services are available to all CAU students, graduate and undergraduate at no cost. The CAU counseling adheres to strict rules of confidentiality and HIPPA regulations. The exception is situations where mandated by law. Counseling records are not available to faculty, administrators, parents, or any other party without prior written consent of the student. Counseling provided uses a holistic approach and encourages self-learning in a confidential environment. Services provided include:

  • Individual counseling 
  • Personal and Relationship Counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling and Prevention
  • Sexual Assault and Prevention Services
  • Coordination of hospitalizations
  • Crisis interventions & Crisis management
  • Referral management
  • 24/7 Coverage


Outreach and Consultation Services

Educational and Social Development Seminars and Outreach Programs

Workshops, forums, classroom and dorm presentations are available on a variety of topics. These include; stress management, grief, gender issues, male/female relationships, sexual assault, alcohol, and other drug use

On request, counseling staff members provide consultation with student organizations and faculty/staff. These services include psycho-educational / training sessions, as well as the provision of on-to-one assistance in reaching out to persons experiencing emotional distress, and are in dire need of supportive services.

The office serves as a starting point for students seeking counseling, guidance or assistance with disability concerns. Please contact the office at (404) 880-8044. 

Workshops, forums, classroom and dorm presentations are available on a variety of topics. These include, stress management, grief, gender issues, male/female relationships, sexual assault, alcohol, and other drug use. Also, other topics can also be considered.




Disability Services provides reasonable accommodations that may be necessary in order for students with documented disabilities to have equal access to educational opportunities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as amended in 2008 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Registration Process

The registration process plays a significant role in the daily operations of the Office of Counseling and Disability services. It allows the office to track student engagement in the program and to provide appropriate and reasonable accommodations and services to students with documented disabilities. Most students register with the Office of Counseling and Disability Services after being referred by faculty, staff, rehabilitation counselor, school counselor, licensed clinician, and/or another student who is receiving services. The registration process is expedited when a student self-discloses he/she has a disability, makes a request for accommodations and/or services provided by the office.



Eligibility Requirements  


Bottar Leone Scholarship

Bottar Leone, PLLC, is announcing its first scholarship for students with physical or learning disabilities (“Bottar Leone Scholarship”) The $2, 500 scholarship will be awarded 2 times annually to a recent high school graduate with a documented physical or learning disability.


Deadline for application: July 1 for fall semester and December 1 for spring semester

UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship

Students with Epilepsy and other seizure disorders 

American Association on Health and Disability-AAHD Scholarship

Documented Disability 

180 Medical Scholarship Program

Spinal cord injury, spina bifida, tranverse myelitis Scholarship

Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 

National Federation of the Blind

Students diagnosed as legally blind 

Blind Veterans Association Scholarship

Blind Veteran, Dependent child or grandchild of blind veteran, spouse of blind veteran (active duty) 

Organization for Autism Research-OAR Scholarship

Autism diagnosis, freshman 

Claude S. Weiler Scholarship

Students with major limb amputation 

Christine H. Eide Memorial Scholarship

Legally blind, full-time undergraduate or graduate student 

Academy of Special Dreams

Students with disabilities pursuing art degrees 

AG Bell College Scholarship

Listening and spoken language primary mode of communication, hearing loss diagnosed before age 4, bilateral hearing loss, and severe to profound, PTA of 60dB  enrolled or applied, GPA 3.5 

Autism Leadership Academy

Students must be on the Autism Spectrum with at least 1 year left before graduation 

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission at Clark Atlanta University.
  2. Complete an application for Disability Services Program Eligibility and return it with sufficient documentation in the form of an evaluation completed by a qualified licensed professional such as a physician, psychologist, therapist, diagnostician or audiologist. *The evaluation can’t be more than 3 years from the date it was completed. Any evaluation more than 3 years will not be accepted by the Office of Counseling and Disability Services.
  3. Submit the completed application and evaluation/documentation to:

Clark Atlanta University
Office of Counseling and Disability Services
223 James P. Brawley Drive
Trevor Arnett Hall, Third Floor
Atlanta, GA 30314
Telephone: (404) 880-8044
Fax: (404) 880-8440

  1. During the intake appointment the assistant director of disability services reviews the application and supporting documents to certify eligibility for services, gather proper information from the student, and discuss reasonable accommodations and services.
  2. If eligible for reasonable accommodations, the OCADS office staff will make a second appointment with the student to discuss and review accommodations established for the student.
  3. Please allow 3 business days for Letters of Accommodations to be completed and issued to the student. 
  1. *The assistant director of disability services will not make a decision regarding eligibility for services until all required documentation and Disability Services Application have been received. Subsequently, Letters of Accommodation will not be provided to students in place of the required documentation.

A person with a disability includes any person who has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities. A qualified person with a disability is defined as one who meets the academic and technical standards requisite to admission or participation in the education program or activity. *The diagnostician/evaluator for any disability must be impartial and not a family member of the student.

Types of Disabilities
Visual Impairment
Learning Disability
Cerebral Palsy
Partial Vision Loss
Impaired Mobility
Hearing Impairment
Partial Hearing Loss
TBI/Closed Head Injury
Speech Impairment
Psychological/Psychiatric Disorder

Documentation Guidelines
Documentation serves as a foundation that legitimizes a student’s request for appropriate accommodations. Documentation must include very specific information regarding the individual’s actual current functional limitations. The Office of Counseling and Disability Services does not base eligibility on what could/might occur or often occurs with those who have been given this diagnosis. Documentation should be current (not exceeding 3 years) and answer the following questions:

Does the individual have a physical or mental impairment? 
Documentation must be current and include a mental or physical diagnosis made by a qualified licensed professional. Sometimes students may be asked to provide updated comprehensive information if their condition is potentially changeable and/or previous documentation does not include sufficient information. 

Does the impairment affect a major life activity? 
Legal eligibility requires that the physical or mental impairment substantially affects a major life activity. A major life activity is a basic function of life. Disability laws list the major life activities as breathing, caring for self, hearing, learning, performing manual tasks, seeing, speaking, walking, working or other activities that are a basic function of life. Documentation must clearly identify which major life activities are affected by the impairment. If an impairment interferes with certain functions that are not major life activities, although the individual is restricted, the individual is not eligible under disability laws. 

Does the impairment substantially limit the individual’s life? 
Documentation must state what specific activities that individual is unable to perform or is significantly restricted in performing when compared with an average person in the general population. Documentation must state the nature and severity of the impairment, the duration or expected duration of the impairment, and the permanence or expected long-term impact.

Below are lists of services in which the Office of Counseling and Disability Services provides but are not limited to:

  • Testing Accommodations
  • Classroom Accommodations
  • Student Success Workshops
  • Personal Counseling

Notes: Accommodations are not retroactive. Therefore, accommodations begin upon the Office of Counseling and Disability Services receiving all required documentation from the student to determine eligibility.

The Office of Counseling and Disability Services does not provide comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations which include but are not limited to assessment of cognitive, academic achievement, and information processing for the diagnosis of learning disabilities.

An Individual Education Plan-IEP and/or 504 from a P-12 secondary school district does not meet the specific documentation requirements for eligibility for disability services/accommodations.

Students have the right to choose if and when to reveal their disability. If they do not reveal, then faculty should respect their privacy and not ask them directly. Faculty can say something like, “I see you are really struggling in my class.” “Is there something I can do to help?”  Then if the student says, “I am really having trouble reading.” I just can’t seem to get the information.” The faculty can refer the student to a number of support services and include the Office of Counseling and Disability Services in that list of places. 

Student Responsibilities

  • Identify themselves to the Office of Counseling and Disability Services
  • Provide proper documentation of disability.
  • Assume personal responsibility for meeting with faculty, as well as requesting assistance through supplemental services such as the Office of Counseling and Disability Services in meeting college standards.
  • Provide for his/her personal independent living needs or other personal disability-related needs.

Clark Atlanta University seeks to ensure that people with disabilities are given full access to and participation in all aspects of college life by removal of both physical and attitudinal barriers. Clark Atlanta University is an institution of higher education that welcomes and supports a diverse student body. By embracing our core values of Diversity and Inclusion,   Innovation and Collaboration, Accountability and Integrity, Ethical Behavior, and Social Responsibility, and Student-Centeredness we hope to create a learning environment that encourages as well as challenges students.  

The Office of Counseling and Disability Services (OCADS) is the designated office which maintains disability related documents, determines eligibility for reasonable accommodations, and develops plans for the provision of such accommodations at Clark Atlanta University. The Office of Counseling and Disability Services provides students and faculty with assistance and information for meeting the requirements of the law, and integrating students with disabilities into Clark Atlanta University. The office serves as an advocate for students with documented disabilities, ensuring they have the physical and programmatic access to all university programs.    

Syllabus Statement

Clark Atlanta University is committed to providing students with a documented disability an equal opportunity to pursue a college education. Efforts will be made to meet requests for reasonable accommodations for those eligible under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 2008, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Section 504. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Office of Counseling and Disability Services at (404-880-8044) located on the 3rd floor of Trevor Arnett Hall to discuss accommodations. Once reasonable accommodations are determined, it is the student’s responsibility to present the Letter of Accommodation from The Office of Counseling and Disability Services to their professors.

Recording Lectures 

The Office of Counseling and Disability Services, may recommend for a student with a documented qualifying disability be permitted to record lectures as a form of an academic accommodation. Students with documented disabilities who are unable to take or read notes have the right to record class lectures for their personal study only.** Lectures recorded for this purpose may not be shared with other people without the consent of the faculty. Recorded lectures may not be used in any way against the faculty member, other lecturers, or students whose classroom comments are recorded as part of the class activity. Information contained in the recorded lecture is protected under federal copyright laws and may not be published or quoted without the express consent of the faculty member and without giving proper identity and credit to the faculty person.

Crisis Hotlines
  • Adult Mental Health Crisis Services/Immediate Crisis Help
Georgia Crisis & Access Line:
(800) 715-4225
  • Peer2Peer Warm Line: 1-888-945-1414
  • GA CARES Warm Line: 1-844-326-5400
  • The Crisis Text Line serves anyone, in any type of crisis, providing access to free, 24/7 support and information via texting. Text START to 741-741 from anywhere in the USA, anytime, about any type of crisis.
  • For LGBTQ students in crisis, the TREVOR Projectoffers a Lifeline (1-866-488-7386), a texting option (text “Start” to 678678), and a chat option. All options are available 24/7.
Suicide PreventionVeterans
  • For Veterans or people concerned about a oneVeteran’s Crisis Line offers 24/7 support by calling 1-800-273-8225 (option 1).
  • Military Hotline offers 24/7 free and confidential support to service members, veterans and their families: 1-888-457-4838 or text “MIL1” to 839863.
Domestic Violence
  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) 
  • Free, online, searchable database of domestic violence shelter programs nationally

National Dating Abuse Helpline

Addiction Resources

  • The Summit Wellness Group – Local Atlanta-based addiction and mental health resource that provides support, referrals and specialized care to students. Available via phone at 770-692-2052 or online via their website.
Mediation and Relaxation Apps
Breathe2Relax: Stress management tool to learn about the effect of stress and how to use diaphragmatic breathing.

Calm: Meditation tool to improve sleep and stress.

Stop Breathe and Think: Teaches meditation and mindfulness practice.

Bloom: Promotes mindfulness and meditation

What’s up? Identify thinking patterns and the sources of your anxiety.

Headspace: Meditation program that gives you a taste of meditation practice in 10 minutes/day.

MindShift: Designed to provide you with tools for managing various types of anxiety
Fluid-Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic: Promotes sleep inducing meditation.

Relax Melodies: Promotes sleep with soothing sounds.
Apps for Time Management
Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency-Voc Rehab assists eligible individuals with physical and mental disabilities to obtain and/or maintain employment. They provide individualized services to include assessment for eligibility, career exploration, planning for employment, disability management through counseling, assistive devices, job search assistance and support while on the job. These services are provided by professional staff within various counties throughout metropolitan Atlanta. To speak with a Vocational Rehabilitation Agency representative to inquire about services and/or in-take process dial 844-367-4872 or search website at
Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education:
United States Department of Education/Office for Civil Rights-OCR

Dr. Vicki Jester, Director of Counseling and Disability Services
Phone: (404) 880-8044
Fax: (404) 880-8440

Dr. Arber Winn, Assistant Director of Disability Services
Phone: (404) 880-8044
Fax: (404) 880-8440

Dr. Newburn Reynolds, Counselor
Phone: (404) 880-8044
Fax: (404) 880-8440

Joyce Worrell, Administrative Specialist
Phone: (404) 880-8044
Fax: (404) 880-8440

Office of Residence Life

Applying For Housing

Your first step to getting started is to apply for on-campus housing. We offer a variety of on-campus housing options. For a full descriptions of each Hall, please check out Housing Options. Applications are accepted online during registration only.

Exemption Procedure

As there may be compelling individual circumstances that would warrant residing off campus, exceptions to this requirement are handled on a case-by-case basis. Individuals seeking an exception to the policy must complete an Exemption Form and submit the appropriate documents to the Residence Life office.

Housing Requirement:

To assist Clark Atlanta University students in establishing a strong post-secondary educational foundation and charting a path of future academic success, we believe that all students with fewer than 58 earned credit hours should live on campus when on-campus student housing is available. Therefore, subject to on-campus housing availability, students enrolled in or accepted to Clark Atlanta University will be required to reside on the campus until they have earned 58 or more credit hours. Because on-campus student housing for new students is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, status as a student with less than 58 earned credit hours does not guarantee a space in campus housing.

For first-time freshmen women, on-campus residency is defined as residing in Holmes Hall, Merner Hall, Pfeiffer Hall, and CAU Suites. For first-time freshmen men, on-campus residency is defined as residing in Beckwith Hall. 

For students that are not first-time freshmen, but have acquired fewer than 58 earned credit hours, on-campus residency is defined as residing in any of the halls listed above, as well as Brawley Hall or Heritage Commons. On-campus residency for graduate students is defined as residing in Beckwith Village.

Meal Plan Requirement:

All undergraduate and residential graduate students enrolled at Clark Atlanta University will be required to have a University meal plan. The meal plan will be charged to the student’s banner account based on the criteria listed below:


**These meal plans will automatically be placed on the student’s account.

All meal plan change requests must be submitted to the Office of Residence Life, CAU Suites 100 Building, or via email to before the first Monday of August for the Fall semester and before the first Monday of January for the spring semesterThere are no meal plan cancellations, credits, or refunds issued after a semester and/or year has ended based on non-usage.

If there is a classification change in the Spring term, meal plan changes will be considered upon request by the student; otherwise, the Fall plan will roll to the Spring term. The request must be submitted to Residence Life by indicated deadline.

(Housing and Meal Plan Requirement Effective Date was Fall 2016)

Exemptions From the On-Campus Requirement

As there may be compelling individual circumstances that would warrant residing off-campus, exemptions from this requirement may be considered.  At times, the University may decide to unilaterally waive the requirement for one or more students under limited circumstances.  However, if a student desires to request an exemption from the on-campus requirement, the student must complete an Exemption Form and submit the appropriate documents to the Residence Life office.

When a student requests an exemption from the on-campus housing requirement, the request may be granted with appropriate documentation under the following circumstances:

  • The student is experiencing medical conditions which require special attention or is the caregiver of someone experiencing medical conditions which require special attention
  • Students with children, married students, and students involved in a domestic partnership
  • Non-traditional students age 24+ by August 1 (applies to housing requests only)
  • The student lives in the metro Atlanta area (applies to housing requests only)
  • Extenuating circumstances (to be evaluated by the University on a case-by-case basis)


Exemption Form and supporting information must be received in the Residence Life Office before August 1 for fall deadline and December 15 for the spring deadline.

Exemption Procedure

Residence Life must receive the Exemption Form with all supporting documentation on or before the deadline to avoid delays. This information will be reviewed by a committee and the student will be emailed the final decision.  Please note that if you are approved it will only release you from being required to live on campus. You may still be required to maintain the mandatory meal plan.  Read the Housing Contract carefully to understand the penalties for breaching the contract and any fees associated with breaking this agreement. If a student is denied an exemption, they will be given information on the appeal process.


Failure to comply with the requirements or providing false or misleading information to the Office of Housing and Residence Life in order to receive an exemption from the on-campus housing requirement may result in cancellation of registration privileges and/or revocation of acceptance to Clark Atlanta University.

*Research by Alexander Astin, Gregory Blemling, Ernest Pascarella, Patrick Terenzini, Paula Wilcox, Sandra Winn, Marylynn Fyvie-Gauld, and Vincent Tinto has discussed this in their student development and retention writings.

  • Transportation. If you don’t have a car, choose a neighborhood that is close to bus lines or within walking distance.
  • Leases are generally for one year. It can be convenient if you decide to go home for the summer yet still want someplace to put your belongings. However, you might not want to pay for the rent for the whole year if you are not staying for the summer. In this case, you might think about subletting your place while you are away. Note: not all landlords allow their tenants to sublet their apartments/houses, so take this into account when signing contacts.
  • Security Deposits. Most rentals require a deposit-usually the equivalent of one month’s rent. At the end of your lease, you will get this deposit back, less any fees for damages.
  • Rent. Check out Rental Market Trends in Atlanta. Most students will rent a multi-unit house (3 bedrooms, for example, and split the rent evenly). Utilities such as Cable TV, Internet, Electric, Heat, and Hot water typically cost extra and will be split evenly amongst the inhabitants.
  • Background Checks. Some rental applications might require a background check.
  • Renters’ Insurance. The landlord’s property insurance policy usually does not cover your personal possessions inside your apartment, so you might need to consider purchasing renters’ insurance to cover your personal belongings. The renter’s insurance is usually inexpensive, ranging from $10-$20 per month. Getting a quote online from different insurance companies is a fairly quick process for choosing renters’ insurance.
  • Issues/Concerns. Notify your landlord or leasing office in writing of any existing problems or damages when you move in. Upon moving in always take pictures of the condition of the apartment/ house. Documenting the condition of the residence upon move-in is always a good idea in case the landlord attempts to withhold your security deposit due to previous damage.
  • Repairs. If damage to the property occurs during the rental period, it is the landlord’s responsibility to fix/ repair the damage.
  • Roommates/Housemates. Be mindful when selecting your roommates/housemates. Choose roommates who will fulfill their share of obligations for the rent. Discuss and establish a mutual agreement about things like quiet hours, guest policy, grocery share/or not, cleaning responsibilities, etc.
  • Plan Ahead and Start Early. Some apartments fill up quickly when the school start date is approaching, you might want to look for rentals early.
  • Talk to other students who are currently living off campus. You may not be familiar with the local area, so talk to peers who might know the area better to find out about their neighborhoods and their experiences.

Are you a current or incoming Clark Atlanta University Student looking for off-campus housing? To be exempt from on-campus housing, students with fewer than 58 earned credit hours must meet the eligibility requirements. Please note: Clark Atlanta University does not guarantee on-campus housing for upperclassmen (students with more than 57 earned credit hours) or graduate students, however, below are some resources that will be helpful in your search.

Partnership with College Pads

Clark Atlanta University has partnered with College Pads, the off-campus housing marketplace, which will provide a resource for current and future Clark Atlanta students as they transition off-campus. This service will help students compare off-campus housing options, find roommates, sublet their existing units, and review landlords, all through a user-friendly online experience. Click the links below to get started! 

Housing Options

Clark Atlanta University offers a variety of on-campus housing options for students:

First Year Housing

Beckwith Hall – Men

This is a suite-style residence hall (two rooms adjoined by a bathroom), which houses freshmen and transfer males. These rooms are double occupancy and are furnished with twin beds, desks, nightstand, and closets. The building is air-conditioned. The Platinum Unlimited Meal Plan is required for all freshman residents housed in the Residence Hall. Mailboxes are located in the hall. Pets of all types are prohibited. Singles can be requested after enrollment ends, if space is available.

Room Dimensions
Beckwith 11′ x 17′

beckwith hall 2016 beckwith hall room 2016Beckwith students

Upperclassmen Housing

Brawley Hall – Co-Ed

Brawley Hall bedroom photo 1Brawley Hall kitchen

 Brawley Hall living roomBrawley Hall buildingBrawley Hall kitchen photo 2Brawley Hall signBrawley Hall commons area

Brawley Hall

Brawley is an apartment-style, air-conditioned residence hall that houses transfer, upperclassmen and CAU scholarship students. Each apartment ranges from four, five or six private bedrooms and a shared common area, bathroom and full kitchen.  Bedrooms are furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, chair, and wardrobe.  Room dimensions and furnishings vary by apartment.  All on-campus students are required to have a meal plan. Pets of all types are prohibited.

Heritage Commons – Co-Ed
Heritage Commons


Live close. Live college. If Heritage Commons was any closer to campus, you’d be in class! Walk-to-class convenience. Stay-fit amenities. Tools that help you make the grade. And community events that keep you connected. All make Heritage Commons the premier student housing choice at Clark Atlanta University.

Get the lifestyle you want with our fully furnished apartments featuring private bedroom and bathroom floor plans, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and an Academic Success Center! Plus, our professional on-site management and staff are dedicated to serving your needs and helping you enjoy your college experience at CAU.

Graduate Housing

Beckwith Village Living Room
Beckwith Village Kitchen
Beckwith Village Bedroom

Storage Scholars


Storage Scholars is the preferred moving, storage & shipping partner of Clark Atlanta University.


1. We Supply: We supply all the essentials to pack and safely store all your items.
2. We Pick Up: 
A fellow student will grab your things at a time that is convenient for you!
3. We Deliver: 
When you are ready to come back to campus, we will have your items delivered and waiting for you in your new home.

How Ship to School Works:


1. We Ship You Empty Boxes: We send a bundle of empty boxes along with tape
and prepaid return shipping labels to your home.
2. You Pack & Ship Back: 
You pack your items in the boxes, seal them up, and
ship them back over to us over the summer months.
3. We Receive & Deliver: 
Our team receives those packages, stores them, and
delivers them ready and waiting in your room when you arrive on campus.