Past University Presidents

Our profound appreciation extends to the visionary presidents whose remarkable vision, sacrifices, and relentless efforts have shaped the institution we now know as Clark Atlanta University (CAU).

From the foundational establishments of Atlanta University in 1865 and Clark College in 1869 to the transformative historic consolidation in 1988 that culminated in the birth of CAU, we wholeheartedly celebrate this enduring legacy of steadfast leadership and academic excellence.

See the Portraits of CAU Presidents on the third floor of Harkness Hall

1988 - 2002

Thomas W. Cole, Jr.

2002 - 2008

Walter D. Broadnax

2008- 2015

Carlton E. Brown

2015 -2018

Ronald A. Johnson

2018- 2019

Lucille H. Maugé

Our History

Clark Atlanta University proudly upholds the heritage of our illustrious past. Let’s take a glimpse into the esteemed leaders of our revered parent institutions, Atlanta University (1865) and Clark College (1869).

Atlanta University

1869-1885:      Edmund A. Ware
1885-1886:      Thomas S. Chase (Acting)
1886-1887:      Horace Bumstead (Acting)
1887-1888:     Cyrus W. Vance (Acting)
1888-1907:      Horace Bumstead
1907-1922:      Edward T. Ware
1922-1923:      Myron W. Adams (Acting)
1923-1929:      Myron W. Adams
1929-1936:      John Hope
1936-1937       Florence M. Read (Acting)
1937-1967:      Rufus E. Clement
1968-1969:      Thomas D. Jarrett (Acting)
1969-1977:      Thomas D. Jarrett
1977-1983:       Cleveland L. Dennard
1983-1984:      Kofi B. Bota (Acting)
1984-1987:      Luther S. Williams
1987-1988:      Dorcas D. Bowles (Acting)
1988-1989:     Thomas W. Cole, Jr.

Clark College

1869-1870:      D.W. Hammond
1870-1871:      Uriah Cleary
1871-1872:       I. Marcy
1876-1877:      J.B. Martin
1877-1881:      R.E. Bisbee
1881-1890:      E.D. Thayer
1890-1893:     William H. Hickman
1893-1896:      David C. John
1896-1897:      Wilbur P. Thirkfield (Acting)
1897-1903:      Charles M. Melden
1903-1910:      William H. Crogman
1910-1912:       G.E. Idleman
1912-1915:       William W. Foster
1915-1923:       Harry A. King
1923-1924:      John W. Simmons
1924-1940:      Matthew S. Davage
1940-1941:      James P. Brawley (Acting)
1941-1965:       James P. Brawley
1965-1976:      Vivian H. Henderson
1976-1977:      Charles Knight (Acting)
1977-1987:      Elias Blake, Jr.
1987-1988:      Winifred Harris (Acting)
1988-1989:     Thomas W. Cole, Jr.