Fundraising Initiatives


At Clark Atlanta University, we are on a relentless mission to empower the future of education, innovation, and societal progress. Our commitment to excellence drives our fundraising initiatives, which serve as the lifeblood of our institution’s transformative journey.

With a rich legacy of academic distinction and a steadfast dedication to uplifting communities, Clark Atlanta University stands as a beacon of opportunity and growth. Our fundraising endeavors are not mere campaigns; they are powerful catalysts for change. Through the generous support of our donors, we bridge gaps, fuel innovation, and nurture the aspirations of our students.

Our initiatives encompass a diverse array of priorities, from scholarship programs that empower the next generation of leaders to groundbreaking research initiatives that address pressing global challenges. We aim not only to meet our goals but to exceed them, ensuring that CAU remains a vanguard of intellectual exploration and positive societal impact.

Join us in this extraordinary journey of transformation and philanthropy. Together, we can propel Clark Atlanta University to even greater heights, inspiring futures that are boundless in their potential and impact. Your partnership is not just an investment in our institution; it is an investment in a brighter, more inclusive, and equitable world.

Giving News

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Fundraising Initiatives

Allow the University the ability to award scholarships immediately to students who meet the minimum criteria of named scholarship. 

Gifts invested to produce ongoing income for a designated purpose.  Because endowed funds are invested, they have a life-time presence on CAU’s campus and live in perpetuity.

The mission of the Clark Atlanta University’s Annual Fund is to build alumni participation through yearly gifts from alumni, friends, parents and students by educating them on the needs of the University and the value of their involvement in the life of the University.

Class reunion giving is a wonderful opportunity for alumni to show their class pride and support an institution that has done so much for you. Your donations will go towards the class gift that represents each class in reunion, and presented to the University during Class Reunion Weekend in May.

As Clark Atlanta University faculty and staff, you invest your time and talent in the university and our students every day. When you extend your contributions to include philanthropy, you express your belief in CAU’s mission and actively support our long-standing culture of excellence.  

The Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations is dedicated to fostering and strengthening relationships between corporations and foundations and the Clark Atlanta University community. We represent the broad priorities of the university, its colleges and programs, and promote opportunities to engage and support CAU’s academic, research and public outreach initiatives.

The Office of Institutional Advancement endeavors to maximize donor’s contribution and tax-saving potential. CAU uses several ways to leverage your gift into a larger one through the use of assets such as stocks and securities, life insurance, retirement accounts, a personal will, and property such as artwork and rare books as gift options. Planned Giving is a tool in which you can secure increased tax benefits and/or supplementary income.

Corporate matching gifts are a great way for Clark Atlanta University alumni, parents, and friends to maximize personal contributions to the University and increase the impact of their gift. By taking advantage of a company’s matching gift benefit, you may be able to double or even triple the amount of a contribution.

Fundraising Initiatives

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